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General introduction to South of Algeria – conditions – procedures – work permit

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A valid passport and visa are required to travel in Algeria as a tourist or on business. A visa may be obtained upon submission of a professional or private invitation to an Algerian Consulate.

Excluding tourist visas, two types of visas are issued:
1.the business visa: issued to a foreigner in possession of a letter of invitation from his Algerian partner, a letter of employment or an assignment order from the organization hiring the visa applicant and a hotel reservation or proof that the organization extending the invitation will take care of the applicant.

2.the work visa: issued to the foreigner in possession of an employment contract and a temporary authorization to work issued prior to the work permit by the relevant authorities in charge of matters pertaining to employment, as well as a certificate of the hiring organization stamped by the relevant authorities.

This temporary work visa can also be issued to the foreigner in possession of an assistance or service contract.4
upon entering the country, the traveler benefits from an exemption of duties and taxes, for goods and objects for personal use that he or she might need during his or her stay, with the exception of merchandise imported for commercial purposes.

The foreign traveler is required to conduct foreign exchange transactions in banking agencies during his or her stay in Algeria. The details of those transactions must be written on the flap of the currency declaration form. This form, as well as the foreign exchange transaction receipts, can be checked upon exiting the territory. foreign nationals working in Algeria must also hold a work permit or a temporary work authorization issued by the labor inspection services of the relevant wilayas (administrative departments).

The capacity to accommodate travelers in Algeria has improved noticeably these past few years. In addition to the large older Algerian establishments (El-Djazaïr (ex-Saint-Georges), El- Aurassi, Es-Safir (ex-Aletti) business hotel chains such as Sofitel, Mercure, Hilton, Sheraton, Meridien and Ibis have also opened in Algiers and some regional metropolises.